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"ATRAPA" - Words Of Metal Wisdom

"ATRAPA" - Words Of Metal Wisdom


This is an Atrapa Q&A with Maciej, founding member of this heavy metal band from Poznan, Poland. He has some interesting things to say about the band and the metal scene in Poland. Check it out.                                      


ATRAPA - Polish Metal - Play it Loud


Hello Michael.

Sorry, that I’m so late.

I pasted your e-mail with questions and my answers.


1. Band Bio

a) My adventure with music started around the age of 12. I started listening to the charts of program 3 on Polish radio. Later (1983-1985) my friends from school brought the first recordings of punk rock bands such as GBH, Black Flag. At that time, there were several programs on Polish radio broadcasting alternative and punk rock music. The music was recorded on cassettes. Along with punk broadcasts, programs about metal music appeared. It was the first time I heard the band Slayer. Since then, I'm a metalhead, now I'm 50.


b) One of my best friends played guitar – I brought him new metal music, he showed me how to play guitar. I listened to a lot of metal punk hard core bands, but my metal root is only one – Slayer. Besides Slayer my inspiration was/is SOD/MOD (Stormtroopers Of Death/Method Of Destruction and from Polish bands Flapjack, Acid Drinkers, Welcome Idiots.


c) After a Welcome Idiots live performance (were only close friends of the band) me and a few guys who knew each other from ground school and the same estate made an appointment for rehearsal. I was late, tried to use double gain (in my amplifier and distortion apart) I smoked two speakers and my equipment said: “no way.” We didn’t meet many times, but can’t surrender. I looked for people who wanted to play in internet, and after over a year or two formed ATRAPA, first squad. I remember a funny situation when comes first time our vocalist and I wasn’t at rehearsal because I was sick with mumps then.


d) Our plan was simply – prepare a few songs and start playing alive. When we were almost ready, our second guitarist and first drummer left the band. We also lost our rehearsal place. Ok, we moved to another place, we found a second drummer. We polished material and then comes live performances. It was amazing. To play for people. But as always shit must happen – our drummer informs us that he decided to stop with playing. Ok, we found a third drummer and from this moment all things go much faster. As the first of our drummers to play a double kick, I changed my guitar tuning to drop C and that was that! It made all the songs heavier and so much better. We played together several dozen concerts.


e) In retrospect, we took it too late to record the album. The whole process took us quite a long time. The number of concerts was much smaller. When the album came out our bassist couldn't play with us anymore. We have collected positive reviews both in Polish music magazines and on internet portals dealing with metal music. Most of the CDs were sent out and distributed for free. I will mention that we financed the release of the album with our own money.


f) We have a plan to record not published songs from old repertoire and probably two or three new songs. This recording we would like to make by ourselves. We will see.


2. Metal scene in Poland is very rich in bands – these who took a spectacular success in the world like Behemoth, Vader or Decapitated and a lot of not so famous but very good bands. In my city are three mostly known bands – Turbo, Acid Drinkers and Wolf Spider. Poland has many more underrated metal bands, believe me. The scene is very strong.


2) Metal scene in Poland and Poznan - live venues?

Now only live streams.


3) Your activism, re: Protest Song. Focus/causes/state of affairs

We promote whole album "Atrapa Czlowieka" (Human Dummy), special "Protest Song" with a very strong and still actual lyrics.


For those who do not know the band, what is your origin?

ATRAPA was created thanks to my stubbornness and commitment to the willingness to play metal and hard core music. I was looking for musicians on the Internet.


Who are the band members and their backgrounds?


The vocalist Tomasz Gola comes from Poznan, bassist Mateusz Zak from Wielun, drummer Marcin Popiwczuk from Tuplice, guitarist Michal Bukala from Radom, myself from Poznan. All played earlier in other bands or had solo projects.


What does ATRAPA mean, or stand for?


ATRAPA means Dummy, something that imitates, pretends to be something it is not.


Does your city have a strong metal/music scene?


Yes, Poznan has strong metal scene, maybe not the strongest in Poland but still strong.


Have you toured Poland/Europe or are you a recording band?


We toured Poland in years 2008 – 2011 very intensive, later not so much. Last performance was in July 2020, I celebrated this way my 50 birthday. By the way we recorded video material for a production video clip. Now we are focus more on recording material for the second album.


What are your plans for 2021, when Covid restrictions are loosened?


We hope, just like all the music world. We are full of hope.


Any shout outs for current and perspective fans?


Familiarize yourself with the music of Atrapa and the lyrics that are very important and up-to-date. Support us on your social media. We appreciate any support and we return the same.


Do you have a final message?

                                                          a)_ about metal music

                                                          b)_ the band ATRAPA

                                                          c) _your causes/interests


a) Try to find pure metal music flowing straight from musicians’ hearts


b) Discover ATRAPA music and lyrics


c) Supporting bands playing/people listening to good music and we expect the same.


Best greetings,




Thanks Maciej for giving us more insight into your band ATRAPA and the scene in your City and Country in general. Rock Modo for iggyice.us.

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What a strange feeling this month!

Hello GrimRockers! I am late this month on blogs and newsletters, but don't worry, today is the day to take care of those things! The world of Grim has been really crazy with all sorts of things. Podcasts, radio play, new music, and video shoots are keeping me quite busy and busy is a good thing in this industry. 


Let's start with podcasts. The songs City and Beautiful thing are being used as bumpers on the Tom Barnard Podcast in Minnesotta. They have a link to my official website on their page as well. New Music Saturday has been playing GrimRock nearly every week for the past five or six weeks! The hosts are fantastic and they play some lights out music week in and week out. They got an exclusive song and new music titled, Feeling Uncontrollable which was featured on their June 4th show along with an interview with Grim. 


Next up, radio play. I have to say, This Is Only Rock Radio has day in and day out supported this musical project and I am very appreciative for that! They are a great station that supports indie music, so go check them out. Lava Lounge Radio is a new station that will be playing music from the latest CD. They are in Austrailia and I am excited for this opportunity to get play in their country! Sunshine Music iRadio is up and running and playing music from the latest CD. They are in the UK which makes two stations in the UK you can hear GrimRock!


This brings me to new music. Yes, new music already! No time to rest even with a CD only a month or so old out. Feeling Uncontrollable and Strange Wanderer, featuring lyrics by King Klemm, are the first two tracks coming out next and soon everywhere. There are two more songs in the works and will be announced closer to completion. Feeling Uncontrollable was an exclusive on New Music Saturday and also will be exclusive to Radio Wigwam. I am working on completeing a music video for this song as well. 


Until the next bog, rock on! -Grim-