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Stand apart from your nearby competitors with 9th Gate Digi-Media's effective TV and digital campaigns. We provide local businesses with a whole suite of ad solutions and opportunities to reach the right customers and prospects at the right time and on the right devices — down to a household level. Advertise on System 14, a closed network based on geography, and industry: 14 Core Network Affiliates, plus room for 50 smaller companies on our perimeter. Common interests insures that all of our affiliates gain from integration in our system. Monthly live events. 24 hour programing to support our vendor affiliates. Live streams of: comedy, singers, songwriters, and bands, are provided for your entertainment, along with a secure shopping methodology, is available for our affiliates on iBella.us, Worldwide Fashion, Art & Entertainment Network. Product demonstrations both live and prerecorded, and commentary on economic, and social programs, e-books, movies, m

Event Planning

Android's Little Mogs - Summer Live Improv Theater: (5) week program - we rehearse for four weeks, and perform on the fifth! be love... evolve... iAndroid Thursday with Flash Brendan & Harley Ice. Kids 6-14 learn how to make product demonstration videos. Build your skills and resume. Learn audio engineering and acting simultaneously. Have fun with the Flash free styling, and cracking jokes with Harley Ice. "We are not an after school program. We are a live theater improv... " Flash Brendan Hey, in five weeks you get to perform live on stage, while the other kids video tape you. Then you get to edit your own footage like me and Flash Brendan. (10) Our show are streamed live, archived and sent digitally around the world through System 14. If you like to laugh and cry at the same time, improv is our cure for you. Join us on stage, in the audience, as sponsors or advertisers. Just join us as we take on topic that affect us kids. " Harley Ice (9)


Iggy Ice Publicity is owned and operated by MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc., which is the name Android chose for his own Record Label back in 1977. As in independent Artist with an independent label, privately owned digital distribution platforms, and a charitable foundation represented by iBella.us online, a vender driven e commerce platform, our agency can offer some very unique options to independent artist, independent labels, engineers, studio owners, and venues. We have our own ticket sales gateway, with a calendar for each artist. Venues can secure contracts right on line with a private message or a simple phone call. System 14 organic marketing is proprietary, so for more information Contact Rosie Rumba for a conference call.